Present situation in the Operational area of SLDKVK Kalyandurg

In the operational area of Smt. Lakshmi Devi Krishi Vigyan Kendra-Kalyandurg 62.93 % of the farmers fall under small and Marginal category as they are holding 31.06%of the total cultivated area and 35.52% of the farmers are medium farmers holding 57.14% of the cultivated area. They have chosen agriculture as major occupation for their livelihoods. They are depending on speculative cultivation and are often subjected to sheer losses due to poor yields which are mainly attributed to delayed onset of monsoon and uneven distribution of rain fall with prolonged dry spells during the critical stages of the crop growth period.


 As Ananthapuram district is under over exploitation zone, the ground water, a major resource of irrigation is depleting. The area under well or bore irrigated farming system is declining year by year as also the area under cultivation of crops like paddy, sugarcane. Keeping in view of present groundwater situation, cultivation of horticulture crops like Banana, sweet orange is not be recommended. In addition to this, infestation of pests and diseases leading to poor quality of the yield and low market price has become herculean task to rainfed farmers.


There is a wide Scope for Livestock (cattle and sheep) development in the district with the available technology. The non-scientific approach and indiscriminate use of available resources lead to poor management of livestock. Due to this the farmers are not able to convert their livestock in profitable way at least to sustain their livelihood.  Though plenty of agriculture technology is available, most of the farmers are unaware and not having exposure to the new technologies to combat the problems faced by the farmers in different systems of agriculture livelihoods.